Xero Integrity Checks

How They Can Help Your Business

Worried your XERO account isn’t set up right?

Internal check-ups of your bookkeeping is a great way to avoid errors in reports, inaccurate information, and to ensure your bookkeeping stays as simple and efficient as possible. Xero accounting software is a great tool for keeping accurate accounting records, but only if it’s set up right. We’ve found that in order to keep you operating at your best, it’s crucial that you regularly give your Xero account an integrity check.

The XERO data integrity check

The health check itself will involve our highly dedicated & Qualified Catalyst team conducting an analysis of several crucial components of your Xero account; such as, your bookkeeping procedures and policies, data entry processes, security, and data integrity. You’d be surprised at how often we find issues with cash coding, un-reconciled transactions, payroll, expense claims and much, much more. Using a certified checklist, the Catalyst team will not only rigorously scour your Xero file for errors but we will also take the time to help you correct processes that are costing you valuable time and money.

Why do an integrity check?

A clean Xero file allows you to;

  • Learn how to cut your administration costs by 50%
  • Save End of Year Tax lodgement fees
  • Produce accurate financials to analyse and implement informed business decisions
  • Get help with your cash-flow forecasting and budget

Do any of these above statements actively describe your attitude and mindset towards your books? Stop stressing, contact us and let us sort out your Xero file to help ease your mind and allow us to show you just how easy it can be to efficiently run your books with Xero.

Kristen Kubank, Accountant, Accredited Trainer & Founder of Catalyst Cloud Solutions, believes that the two most crucial times to get a Xero health check performed on your Xero file is immediately after you’ve set it up to make sure you’ve initialised it properly and then ongoing every 3 – 6 months to ensure that everything is running correctly. You have to think of your Xero file like a car… a regular servicing will ensure you stay clear of any unforeseen catastrophes that could potentially cost you a lot of money.

Even the best business owners make mistakes now and again. Having one of our highly accredited and certified team members look over your Xero file is a proactive and smart option to help reduce small errors snowballing into huge problems for your business.

If you’re ready to have our team help you with your Xero file, don’t wait. Get in contact with us today and allow us to perform a health check for you. For more information, click the following link to Contact Us.

Alternatively, you can reach our office phone number – 1300 92 17 14.

Authored by Kristen Kubank
Founder of Catalyst Cloud Solutions.