Embrace the change – It’s all in the mindset!

So, the world is changing. Technological change is upon us, data automation and AI are now part of every industry. Those with a positive mindset will not be fearful of the coming changes to their industry but rather they will put themselves out of their comfort zone, embrace the change, learn these new systems, work hard and ultimately be rewarded through the benefits that automation and AI can bring.

“If you’re a small business owner, employee or CEO I truly believe it is vital to understand technology and AI can only do so much. People are still needed. As a founder of Catalyst Cloud Solutions, a Cloud Integration Company & Accounting Firm, we saw this change coming in 2013, so we invested countless resources in staff who enjoyed learning new systems and had the desire to up-skill.” – Kristen Kubank (Co-Founder of Catalyst Cloud Solutions)

As one of Xero’s preferred Cloud Integrators, we are motivated to share this knowledge, especially with those who are apprehensive about the changes that automation is bringing. We believe that this apprehension stems from a slight fear of the unknown. We’re firm advocates that once people realise they can learn these systems and provide a level of work expertise that is valued; we have found the enjoyment ignites their desire to learn more.

As CEO’s of today, we need to plan for the next 5 years knowing the job roles, tasks and skills could be vastly different from those today. So how do we energise and engage our staff to embrace the change? We need to allow our staff to time to think, explore ideas, make mistakes and enjoy learning. The internal and external rewards for the staff that embrace automation systems will be very different to those who work a standard 9-5 hour day. Believe us, it’s easy to embrace the change – it’s all in your mindset!

Written by Kristen Kubank
Founder of Catalyst Cloud Solutions, a Cloud Integration Accounting Firm.