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We provide you with solutions for better business processes! We implement, train and support you for as long as you need us.

We Setup, Activate and Train you in XERO

We Setup, Activate and Train you in XERO

Catalyst Cloud Solutions don’t just install Xero and leave an instruction manual for you to figure out the rest! Our service starts with a comprehensive analysis of your current business processes to identify how Xero can best meet your needs, before either setting up the software from scratch for new businesses, or migrating your data across to Xero for those already using an account management system such as MYOB.

But wait, we’re still not finished! Catalyst also offer a comprehensive Xero Training Course to be undertaken either immediately before or directly after your conversion, that takes you through all your daily and monthly tasks. At the end, you’ll feel completely confident with your new system, and we’ll even throw in a week of complimentary phone/email support in case you have any follow-up questions.

We Look After your Bookkeeping and Business Activity Statement Lodgements

We Look After your Bookkeeping and Business Activity Statement Lodgements

Are you receiving as much back in your BAS return as you are entitled to? Catalyst Cloud Solutions is a Registered BAS Agent company with trained staff to ensure you are not paying too much to the ATO. Catalyst will ensure you know in advance when your IAS / BAS and ATO liabilities are due. If cash-flow is an issue, we can lodge your returns with a 30 day extension.

What’s more, if you’re incurring interest or charges on your Integrated Client Statement? Catalyst can easily look into this for you and liaise with the ATO to have them remitted. With our team of highly skilled bookkeepers, we can show you how to minimise these costs.

We also provide you with 24/7 telephone & email Support

We also provide you with 24/7 telephone & email Support

At Catalyst we love what we do! So much so that we’re on call for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff thrive on the satisfaction of knowing we’re there to help alleviate our client’s frustrations when our competitors aren’t. Our team are dedicated Xero supporters, friendly and highly knowledgeable.

Catalyst Cloud Solutions are known for being affordable and approachable at any time or anywhere. Please feel free to ask any one of our client testimonials how they found the Catalyst Service. If we were Ebay, we’d be 100% ☺

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Xero Training & Support

Want to make the most of all Xero’s incredible features? Arrange an on-site Xero Training session, or attend one of our dedicated and affordable Xero Training Courses that turns small business owners and bookkeepers into their own accredited Xero expert. Nice!

All the Xero training information you need....

Xero Setup & Conversion

We’ve performed Xero conversions from all versions of QuickBooks, MYOB and many other accounting software packages. Your dedicated Account Manager will communicate with you the entire way through the process to provide you with all the training and support you need.

Is XERO right for your Business? Discover the benefits now!

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Cloud Integration

Catalyst partner with Xero Add-on providers to source countless workflow enhancement opportunities for your business. We can show you the cloud solutions software options and help you determine the ‘best-fit’ for your organisation.


Registered BAS Agent & Bookkeeping Services

As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of our client’s time. Our registered BAS Agents are payroll and business workflow specialists who can help you meet your tax obligations quickly and effectively.

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