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Small business saving time and money

Time and Money Savings in the Cloud Most small business owners struggle with “work-life” balance. Statutory compliance requirements are exhausting and competition is ever present. When times get tough, there is a tendency as a business owner to work harder … Read More

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Give your Business a Technological Edge

Smart Steps: To give your business a technological edge. Following these simple technology strategies can make running a business a lot easier and improve profitability. Check out the digital options. By now, your business should have embraced cloud-based technology and … Read More

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ReeceMax now integrates with Xero

ReeceMaX now integrates with Xero for automated invoice entry Xero & Reece MaX have now automated processes to save you hours of admin time. Xero experts and business advisors, Catalyst Cloud Solutions believe it’s a crucial time for small to … Read More

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Xero Invoice Reminders

Invoice Reminders in Xero – Making Bookkeeping Simple

Invoice Reminders in Xero – Making Bookkeeping Simple Good cash flow is vital to the operating of your business – not only do your sales invoices need to be paid, they need to be paid on time. And of course … Read More

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Xero improves cloud accounting again

XERO, the maker of cloud-based accounting and management systems for small businesses, has added several new features designed to make small businesses more productive. The new features include Inventory, Online Quotes, Side-by-Side Files and Practice Reports. “With Xero delivering inventory … Read More

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productivity tip

9 Productivity Tips – Creating a ‘Not-To-Do’ List

Tim Ferriss is an American entrepreneur, angel investor and widely-recognised productivity guru. He’s also the New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author of three books – ‘The 4 Hour Work Week,’ the ‘4 Hour Chef’ and the ‘4 Hour … Read More

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Discovering Xero

Most small business owners don’t strike out on their own because they have a real passion for the administrative side of running a business – they do it because they love their product or service. At Catalyst, we love Xero … Read More

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