Xero Invoice Reminders

Invoice Reminders in Xero – Making Bookkeeping Simple

Good cash flow is vital to the operating of your business – not only do your sales invoices need to be paid, they need to be paid on time. And of course your time is important. Ever spent an afternoon chasing unpaid invoices, and then repeating the process again next week? The Invoice Reminders feature in Xero gives you back your time – allowing you focus on more important things.

Invoice Reminders will automatically send your customer a reminder about their invoice. You will no longer have to remember which client has an overdue invoice or when you last sent them an email – this is all taken care of. Xero will automatically send up to 5 emails to every client, you can even choose how frequent you want these reminders to be.

Customise to your needs

  • Tailor the email message
  • Include a link to the PDF in the email
  • Create a minimum invoice value before a reminder is sent

Pre-reminder emails can also be arranged to go out – reminding clients their invoice is almost due. You can also exclude a particular invoice from reminders by going to the contact or invoice.

Xero will even tell you how many reminders have been sent and if they have been viewed, just go into Awaiting Payment and view the far right columns – giving you a full view of what is happening at any time.

The best thing? It’s a set and forget function to make your bookkeeping simple and more enjoyable.