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Is my data secure and do I need to back up?

You don’t need to back up your data in Xero because we have strict security and backup procedures in place. However, if you do want to do a backup or get out data before you stop using Xero, you can export individual files as well.

How can I see my financial data in a snapshot?

The Dashboard is the main screen for your business and displays a snapshot of your financial position based on transactions entered into Xero. Very quickly you can view cash at bank, aged receivables, aged payables, who owes you the most and who is overdue. Money in versus money out, because as we all know, cash flow is king.

How much time will I save doing the bank reconciliation?

Bank reconciliation is when you match statement lines from your bank account with transactions you create in Xero. Xero automatically matches transactions within the software with statement lines where it can. From our experience, the bank reconciliation process in Xero with bank rules, transfers between account and cash coding will save you hours compared to the time spent with other programs.

One click Super? You mean I don’t have to login to all the super funds now?

Actually, it’s two clicks. One click to run the report, and the second to authorise the payments. We’re sorry we lied.

Xero Add-ons? Cloud Integration? What do you mean?

It’s very easy to now utilise other software programs which link their data with Xero to give you the best job costing, inventory control, Point of Sale systems, staff rostering management and other fabulous business tools. Your data is only entered once and not having to be re-entered into lots of separate systems. Time saving? Absolutely!


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